No Top, Premium, Gold, Diamond or other unclear listings on ScamAlert

We have only one list. As easy as pie. Of course, you can buy ad placement for your project to enhance the audience's attention to it.

Never before in the market it was so easy to add program to monitoring list. Now, you shouldn't send us the deposit that we invest in your program! Just make for us an account with the necessary balance, provide it's credentials and we'll start.

How Listing Works

*** Program is in listing only if it has the working status: paying or pending.

*** Position in the listing depends on two things:

    * Invested amount. The more money invested - the more serious program is about its business and demonstrate it to investors.

    * ROI. The more you pay - the more happy investor is :-)

So if you want to be on the top of the list, start with an impressive invested amount and keep making good profitability.


1- The minimum amount for investment is $100. If you want to increase this amount, you must use a step in $25: 100 → 125 → 150 → ...

2- Only administrator or owner can request monitoring for a new program.

3- Adding programs on ScamAlert is not automated due to the security concerns. Listing on ScamAlert is approved by the administration.

4- Since listing is not automated please allow up to 24 hours for your program to be appear in the listing.

5- After the program is added to listing the refund is NOT possible and the program stays in a certain status on ScamAlert for its lifetime.

Let's Start


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